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 Guild info (read before applying)

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PostSubject: Guild info (read before applying)   Tue Jan 06, 2009 10:55 pm

Hello Dunemaulers!

We are looking for active players that want to join a fresh reroll guild. We as <Insidious> can offer you a social community to play with, or atleast thats our goal. When we hit 80 we hope to be left with a social and skilled core group of members for raiding! This is just a short discription of the guild, i will explain it in depth in the upcomming lines.

We are a new guild on the server Dunemaul (horde side), i decided to start lvling a char there because the guild i was in with my lvl 80 on an other server died. I played on for some time getting pretty boored aftr a while and since it was a low populated server with a bad economie, i decided to reroll and to form a new guild for people just like me or are relatively new to the game. Nothing better then to start fresh again after almost 4 years of playing this game!

What do i have in mind for the guild?
Well i hope to achieve a verry social community with people who have a mature attitude, like a laugh, who enyoy playing the game together and at the same time want to achieve things in raiding WotlK content on 80. Now i know 80 is still far away, so i wont go in depth about that part yet. For now its just a social lvling guild with the intention to make some good raid progres on 80.

I only created the guild 2 weeks ago, so we are still in starting up face. But i got our forum done and team speak or ventrillo will follow soon. All our members are between lvl 30 and 70 at the moment. So you can still fit in just fine with us. Also people who are new to the game are more then welcome, dont be scared by the raiding thing on 80. This is a nice oppertunity for you to grow in the game since we are starting from scratch!

Currently we are open for all classes, Idealy i would like to form a guild of around 35 active players on lvl 80. So if you want to join write an application on this forum (dont forget to copy the application template).

What are we looking for in recruits:
- Attitude: I expect a mature and friendly attitude from all of our members towards each other as well as towards people outside of the guild. You are our visit card after all!

-Humour: You have a healthy sense of humour, this means you can handle what people ditch out (within reasonability of course) and are welcome to return the favour.

- Knowledge of your class: You're interested in becoming a better player by sharing your ideas about your class with others as well as being open to learning from others.

If you want more info on <Insidious> whisper me ingame on Kokusho.

Thanks for reading!
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Guild info (read before applying)
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